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Leading the way to healthy eating, Del Monte® has been a symbol of product innovation, quality, freshness, and reliability for over 130 years. Since 2007 in the Middle East, Del Monte® is a trusted source of healthful food, providing high-quality fresh fruits, vegetables, and ultra-fresh juices in the region. Bringing the expertise of a multinational company to the MENA community, Del Monte® seeks to bring you the freshest foods available to meet your needs. Because we grow our own fruits and vegetables instead of just selling them, we understand the difference. Furthermore, we have the expertise to select the most premium fresh produce and tie up with the best partners to ensure reliable service. More than just providing resources, we offer tangible ways for more wholesome, nutritious meals that are flavorful and satisfying, thereby redefining what healthy eating looks and tastes like. Together with you, we seek to contribute to the health of a whole generation. Contact Us for Inquiries

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We serve healthy food when you need it most. Our food and beverage stores can be found across the Middle East in convenient locations like airports and hospitals. Find us in Hamad International Airport in Qatar, Rashid Hospital in the United Arab Emirates, and King Abdulaziz International Airport in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, just to name a few