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SPAGhetti SAuCeS

Pasta cooking is always easy with our Pasta Sauces. Choose from a variety of great-tasting flavours and enjoy a meal at home in minutes.

DRieD FRuit SnACkS

Made from real fruits, 100% natural with no artificial colour or flavours.

OLive OiL

Enjoy our olive oil as a dip or drizzle it over your preferred meal.


Our oats are a perfect breakfast choice or can be mixed with your favorite desserts and shakes.


Mix our natural honey to sweeten up your favorite drinks & desserts for better taste and benefits.

FRuit PReSeRveS

Enjoy our new jams on toast, in a dessert or as a glaze for your savoury dishes.


Enjoy your meal with our wide variety of pasta. Mix it with your favorite sauce and perhaps add some proteins.


Make sure to enhance your salad by complimenting it with the dressing of your choice.


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