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White ciabatta:{wheat flour, water, wheat sourdough, guar flour E412, vegetable fat, protein, sugar, emulsifier E472e, malt extract, soy flour, calcium phosphate E341, ascorbic acid E300, olive oil, yeast}, tender beef strips:{Beef striploin, salt, black pepper powder, yellow mustard, sunflower oil, white vinegar, soy sauce, dry oregano, fresh white onion}, cheddar cheese:{cow’s milk, cultured milk, salt microbial rennet, water, enzyme modified cheese, citric acid, sodium citrate, salt, preservatives (E202, E234), sodium phosphate, color (E160e & E160a) minimum 50% FDM)}, BBQ sauce:{water, sugar, tomato paste, date molasses, salt, modified starch, natural identical smoke flavor, acidity regulator (E260), spices mix (sugar, tomato, salt, vinegar, onion & garlic), color (E150d), vegetable oil (soybean / sunflower), preservative (E202, E211) & thickener (E415)}, dill pickle, green bell pepper, onion, mayonnaise:{soya bean oil, pasteurized egg yolk, natural vinegar, sugar, salt, modified starch (E 1442), xanthan gum (E415), potassium sorbate (E202) (preservative), onion, mustard, garlic, lemon and EDTA E385 (added to protect quality), sunflower oil 100% pure & natural sunflower oil, vitamin A & D, antioxidant

NET WT: 220G 

Consume within
24 hours of opening

Keep refrigrated
below 5°C


Service size is 100g

CALORIE 236kcal DV*
Total Fat/ 7.34 g
Saturated Fat/ 2.75 g
Carbs/ 29.44 g
Sugars/ 1.86 g
Fiber/ 1.76 g
Proteins/ 13.14 g
Vitamin C/

*Percent daily values are based on a 2000 calories daily diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower based on your daily calorie needs.


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